Make A Mental Note, This Advice Is Going To Come In Handy. #8 Is Pure Genius

March 19, 2014

Odds are someone somewhere in the world has experienced an event or problem and learned how to solve it efficiently. We have a world of information at our fingertips, so let's start taking advantage...

1. If A Baby/Toddler Appears To Hurt Themselves And They Look To You, Always Meet Their Gaze And SMILE :)

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I see this mistake made constantly: someone is watching their kid (who is just learning how to walk) run straight into a table that is conveniently right at head height. The kid looks around for mom (or whoever), not quite crying yet but definitely on the brink of tears, and the mom freaks out and puts on a horrified face to match. Kid sees face and begins to cry hysterically.

This can be avoided for the most part by smiling and not over-reacting when your kid looks to you for help. They're confused. They haven't felt like this before (they're 1 remember). They're pretty sure this is bad but don't know yet. They look around for help and to see how others are reacting to the situation. When you smile at them you are re-assuring them that everything is going to be okay. Pretty much without fail kids will calm down almost instantly in response to a genuine smile.

It also helps to lay some infant directed speech on them, but this isn't totally necessary, they're really just looking for facial confirmation that they're not going to die.

Obviously you're still going to want to check them over for any serious bumps or bruises but just make sure you're smiling when you do it.

2. How To Find A Lost Dog.

life advice tips

On day 12 of searching for my dog in a heavily wooded area, distraught and hopeless, I ran into a couple of hunters. They said they lost the occasional dog on a hunt but always got them back. What they told me has helped many dogs and families be reunited.

The dog owner(s) should take an article of clothing that has been worn at least all day, the longer the better, so the lost dog can pick up the scent.

Bring the article of clothing to the location where the dog was last seen and leave it there. Also, if the dog has a crate & familiar toy, you can bring those too (unless location undesirable for crate). You might also want to leave a note requesting item(s) not to be moved.

Leave a bowl of water there too, as the dog probably hasn't had access to any. Do not bring food as this could attract other animals that the dog might avoid.

Come back the next day, or check intermittently if possible. Hopefully the dog will be waiting there.

3. Mosquitos. Yes, They Are The Worst.

life advice tips

To prevent itching: Mosquitoes are generally pretty weak flyers. They get blown away in something like a 3 mph breeze. Point a fan at you while you're on your deck. Even better if you have several fans oscillating. That way your whole deck will be a swirling mass of air that mosquitoes can't negotiate.

To stop itching: Press a hot spoon onto the spot. The heat will destroy the protein that caused the reaction and the itching will stop. This is actually true for most allergic reactions. You are producing a hyper-histamine response to a foreign protein that can be denatured with heat. (Cooking it.)

4. Instead Of Telling Your Child What To Do, Give Them Two Options That Provide The Same Outcome.

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Instead of always telling your child (especially toddlers) what to do, give them two choices that provide the same outcome.

We all know kids, especially toddlers, when told what to do often will do the exact opposite or start having a tantrum. Parents (or anyone who watches a toddler) understand that when you ask a toddler to do the simplest task it can become a major ordeal. So instead of telling them what to do, give them two options instead.

Children love knowing they have some control over what they are doing. It gives them a chance to use their thinking and reasoning skills in a positive way. So instead of saying, "Please put on your pajamas and get ready for bed." You could try, "Which pajamas would you like to wear to bed tonight, your nightgown or your Dora jammies?"

This concept can be used for almost anything. I started using this approach and it truly was life changing. It has become second nature and my daughter loves knowing that she is making decisions instead of simply being told what to do.

5. Clear A Room Full Of Smoke In Minutes.

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Soak half of a towel in water, and wring the excess water out. Holding the dry end, swirl the wet portion carefully in a circle over your head. I don't know why this works, but my grandmother showed it to me. It works fast.

This works because smoke is a colloid. A colloid "is a substance microscopically dispersed throughout another substance". This example of a colloid is a solid suspended in gas. The solid particles in the smoke will stick to the wet portion of the towel therefore eliminating the smoke.

Of course if your house is on fire, forget this tip and get the hell out!

6. Someone Is Buying You A Meal And Not Sure What Price-Range?

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If someone is buying you a meal but you don't know what price-range to order in, ask them what they recommend.

You know those situations when someone (like your boss) is taking you out to lunch but you don't know if what you want to order is too expensive? Ask them what they are thinking of ordering or if they recommend anything.

Not only is it a conversation starter, but it will give you an idea of the price range so you don't end up ordering the $50 lobster when they are getting a $12 burger.

Of course, if they preempt the meal with "order anything you like", feel free to risk the Lobster.

7.Save The Job Description When You Start A New Job.

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When you need to update your resume, just use the points on the job description. It makes updating your resume a lot easier.

8. Bring Trick Candles With You Camping.

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Have you ever had trouble lighting a fire (or bbq, or anything) because the wind keeps blowing out your match or lighter? Just bring a couple trick candles with you (the ones that relight themselves after you blow them out). They only take a second to light, and will burn long enough to light your fire. Just pinch it to extinguish.

9. Start Every Year With An Empty Jar.

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Start the next year off with an empty jar and fill it with notes of good things that happen. On new years eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year.

10. If A Bee Or Wasp Lands On You, Do Not Swat!

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Do not panic and swat it! Instead blow on it.

Fact: If you swat a bee, they're honor-bound to try and kill you. If you blow on them really hard so they fall off of you, they just think you're a particularly windy person and will go perch somewhere else, no hard feelings.

Bonus Tip: Also works with wasps and probably whatever other flighty bugs you might have crawling all over you.

11. When Stressed Out, Take A Moment And Think If You Will Remember This Event In 5 Years.

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Odds are it's a no. Think back 5 years on what you remember and relate it to today. When you actually do think this is that important, elevate and focus on the event. I struggled for years with thinking EVERYTHING was important. When I heard a variant of this in B-school, it changed my life. Since then, I had the strength to do things like take 6 weeks off for the birth of my kids. I ignored the stress impact of a million small things (that used to keep me up at night). It gives so much perspective that it changed my life. I use the rule every day in sorting issues.

Lesson: Don't sweat the small stuff.

12. Showing People A Picture On Your Phone And Nervous They Might Swipe Through Your Gallery?

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When showing people pictures on your phone, zoom in a little bit so they can't swipe to other pictures. You know... those private ones :)

13. If You Have A New Puppy Or Kitten, Do Not Feed It First Thing In The Morning.

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If you do not feed it first thing in the morning, they will grow up having NO reason to wake you up. Make the morning as boring as possible, don't play with them, just ignore them for the first 25 minutes or so. I did this with my two cats and it worked perfectly. They don't even wake up when I do, they stay in bed for about an hour then come downstairs to hang out.

14. You Need Something But Can't Figure Out What It Is?


When you feel like you need something, but you can't figure out what it is, it's water. It's always water.

Test it out and see.

15. Flip The Pill Bottle After Taking A Pill.

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So I was recently prescribed some pills that I have to take every 12 hours. One of the occasionally difficult things is remembering if I've taken my pills or not.

What I've done is written "take morning" on the bottle right side up, and "take evening" upside down. Now, every time I take my pill, I flip the bottle. If I'm worried about whether or not I've taken my pills, I just look for my note- if "take evening" is right side up, and it's the evening, then I haven't taken the pills yet.

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