Go Find Your Old Disney VHS Tapes, They Could Be Worth A Fortune!

June 7, 2016

You've probably boxed them up and tossed them in the attic. But you may want to get back up there and find them, because surprisingly they could be worth a whole lot of money!

It turns out that there are rare editions of Disney movies. One of the most valuable Disney VHS tapes is Beauty and the Beast. They have sold for as much as $10,000 on eBay!

disney vhs tapes worth a lot of money

Apparently there are collectors out there who greatly value these old VHS gems, and certain editions are considered gold. Unusual artwork, rare defects and limited-edition VHS tapes are all considered valuable.

One such feature is the black diamond on the VHS case reading “Disney Classics.” This stands for a certain edition of the VHS. Just having this logo on the tape can bring up to $250 bucks.

disney vhs tapes worth a lot of money

Some tapes might have the black diamond along with "A Walt Disney Classic" and Disney's signature. These can be worth thousands, condition pending.

There was an edition of The Little Mermaid which sold for a whopping $6,000! It featured artwork, which later actually became banned. A palace turret was apparently said to appear too rude looking so they replaced the artwork.

disney vhs tapes worth a lot of money

Later editions of the VHS "Beauty and the Beast" did not have the song "Human Again" as it was cut. Another high dollar gem.

So if you haven't yet unloaded your VHS Disney tapes at a garage sale or thrift store, then start digging them back up and see if you strike any gold!

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