Someone Wrote A 'The Office' Episode Based On Michael Declaring Himself Transgender

May 19, 2016

I don't know about you but I really, really miss The Office.

With "declaring transgender" being a hot topic in today's world, a redditor wrote the outline for a new episode if the show was still running...

The Office transgender episode

Micheal declares he is transgender after Angela blames him for the shaving residue in the bathroom sink -- in the background Pam looks uncomfortably at the camera. Of course, the only reason Michael declared transgender is because he needed to use the restroom since the other one needed repairs and Dwight, being the cheapskate building owner he is, made the women's restroom unisex (Michael thinks unisex means transgender).

The whole reason the men's bathroom is damaged is because the porcelain bowl was in disrepair and fell off the wall when someone heavy was sitting on the bowl. Dwight blames Kevin for this but it was in fact Stanley who was on the toilet at the time doing his crossword. Stanley never admits it but you know this because his pants are wet, and he keeps looking at the camera whenever Dwight blames Kevin. Also the camera keeps looking at his wet pants whenever the subject comes up.

And of course the whole "Declaring Transgender" episode between Michael and Meredith has led to the involvement of Tobey and HR, leading Michael to have to commit to his new gender status with HR or possibly be fired for his intrusion into the women's restroom. That scene ends with Michael and Tobey in the conference room and Michael yelling at Tobey "Fine! FINE!!" changing his gender status on a form, and leaving the room. Tobey looks down at the form then over to the camera and says, "He wrote unisex".

The final scene for the episode has Michael showing up to work the next day dressed as a man on one side of his body and a woman on the other, like the unisex door sign.

credit: Azozel

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