Grandma Sent Him A Photo Of His Grandpa At The Same Age... Accidentally Crushing His Self Esteem

April 28, 2016

Grandma recently sent her grandson, who's an accountant at Costco, a photo of his grandfather at the same exact age.

grandma sends grandson ripped picture of grandpa at his age
via imgur

He added in a comment, "In case anyone was wondering, he was a Golden Glove winner with a record of 32-0, a drill sergeant in the Marines, and a fire chief when he was done with all those."

The photo has received some priceless comments:

"The apple wasn't even on the same zip code as the tree."

"Never thought I would ever be creeping through someone's post history looking for pics of their grandpa."

"She's just letting you know this is why your parent exists."

"I'd go gay for OP's grandpa."

"Those calves are almost as thick as his thighs."
"That's from walking uphill both ways."

But there was one person who offered support:

"Look at it this way: you know you have good genes. Now get to the gym, so you can pick up a looker like grandma was back in the day!"

What do you think of grandpa?

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