A Man Tried To Hold 30 People Hostage, But Police Used A Secret Weapon: MOM

April 15, 2016

It turns out that even bad guys are afraid of their mothers.

In 1978, a man named Amos Atkinson armed himself with two shotguns and climbed the stairs to the Italian Waiters' Club in Melbourne to hold 30 people hostage.

gunman gives up after mom beats him over the head
Newspaper clipping about the incident

Amos demanded that a criminal friend of his be released from jail within 24 hours or he would open fire on the hostages.

But after four hours, his mother arrived to the restaurant to act as a go-between. The Age Victoria reported:

"She walked up the stairs in her dressing gown, ending the tense standoff by hitting her son on the head with her handbag while telling him to stop being stupid. He then released his captives and surrendered."

We could save so many lives and so much money on SWAT teams if we would switch to "Send In The Mother."

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