Puppy Rescued From A House Fire And Abandoned At The Hospital Has Become A Firefighter

March 3, 2016

On a sunny day in June of last year, William Lindler had just come home from a long day of work with the Hanahan Fire Department in South Carolina, and settled in to do some yard work. Shortly thereafter, he noticed smoke coming from his neighbor's yard.

Being the firefighter that he was, he grabbed his gear and ran towards the home. The residents of the home yelled to rescue workers that their puppy was inside, and William was able to help get the three-week-old puppy out just in time.

firefighter saves puppy makes him firefighter too

Jake made it out alive, but he was in bad shape. He had been burned on over 75% of his body, including his paw pads and veterinarians described him as being on a guarded prognosis - he could've gone either way, but the vets at Animal Medical Clinic of Goose Creek began treating him.

William checked in on the pup and was shocked to find out that the puppy was recovering without any family by his side - his previous owners were unable to pay for his care and abandoned him at the vet's office. So, William saved him again, and welcomed Jake into his family.

Nine months later, the twice-rescued pup is ready to repay William by helping him save lives. Jake became an official firefighter of the Hanahan Fire Department.

firefighter saves puppy makes him firefighter too

This is his first day on the job.

firefighter saves puppy makes him firefighter too

Congratulations, Jake. And thanks for being a twice-over hero, William!

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