How To Make An Adorable Cabbage Patch Kids-Inspired Hat For Your Little One

February 16, 2016

At the peak of their popularity, Cabbage Patch Kid dolls were a must-have toy for Christmas. Parents across the U.S. flocked to stores to try to obtain one for their children, with fights occasionally erupting between parents over the hard-to-find dolls.

cabbage patch kids wig

This hat will have your little one looking just like an adorable Cabbage Patch Kid doll!

how to make cabbage patch kids hat


1. Start with a basic beanie as your base for the project, using the hair color of your choice. WikiHow has a great tutorial for crocheting a beanie for all ages of children.

2. Next, make the bangs. These are created by using a loop stitch for three rows on the bottom of the beanie. Here's a quick one-minute video lesson on the loop stitch:

3. Now that the hat is finished, it's time to make the braided pigtails. For each braid, cut 19 pieces of yarn approximately 16 inches in length.

4. Fold the pieces of yarn in half and knot in the center, then divide the yarn into threes and begin braiding! Use a small piece of yarn to tie off the bottom of the braid. Repeat for each braid.

Here's a quick video tutorial on making the pigtails:

5. The last step is to attach the braids to the beanie by stitching them to the hat. Make sure it is even! You may want to test it out with safety pins first. Once attached, add a ribbon bow atop each pigtail.

Now, all you need is an adorable baby to wear it!

(h/t) diply. If you don't want to make your own hat, you can buy the pattern and wig on Etsy.

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