107-Year-Old Says Secret To His Long Life Is Drinking 4 Bottles Of Red Wine A Day

February 8, 2016

Antonio Docampo García, who passed away last week at the age of 107, attributed his longevity to his drinking habits - four bottles of red wine a day, and NO water.

4 bottles of red wine per day
Photo: CEN

Docampo's family told reporters he liked to have two bottles of wine with lunch, and another two with his dinner.

"When we were both at home we could get through 200 liters of wine a month," Antonio's son Miguel said. "He never drank water."

Docampo, of Vigo in Spain, owned his own vineyard and was founder of the wine company, Bodegas Docampo.

bodegas vineyard
Antonio's organic vines

Discussion over the health benefits of red wine has been well documented. Previous studies have revealed that those who drink a glass of red wine a day are less likely to develop dementia or cancer, that it's good for anti-ageing, and can regulate blood sugar.

But FOUR bottles a day?

Docampo's nephew Jerónimo Docampo, who now runs the vineyard, told La Voz de Galicia:

"He sold the majority of the wine he produced, but still kept a decent amount back for himself.

"If he produced 60,000 liters a year he would keep 3,000 liters for himself. He always said that was his secret to living so long."

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