This Is Why You Should Have A Salt Lamp In Every Room Of Your Home

January 13, 2016

Not only does salt give our food taste and flavor, it can also work wonders for your health when used properly. Himalayan pink salt is one of the purest salts you can buy. It does everything from balancing pH to strengthening bones and lowering blood pressure.

You don't even need to eat the salt to reap the benefits; simply having it around you can be helpful in treating things like allergies, insomnia and migraines. That doesn't mean you have to sprinkle Himalayan salt around your home – there's a much more gorgeous solution, in the form of a lamp.

benefits of salt lamps

Salt lamps are natural negative ion generators. Negative ions occur more often in nature and they are often created by things like lightening storms, sunlight, waterfalls, and ocean waves. This is one of the reasons people often report feeling renewed or refreshed after a storm or at the beach.

Positive ions are often created by electronic devices like computers, TVs, microwaves, and even vacuum cleaners and can often exacerbate problems like allergies, stress and sleep trouble. Negative ions can neutralize positive ions (they bond together) and help cleanse the air.

salt lamp benefits

G.S. Rahi, associate professor of Physical Science at Fayetteville State University, had the following to say in regards to the benefits of Himalayan pink salt:

"As all living systems (including human beings) are bio-electric in nature, the electrically charged particles affect the way we feel and act.

"In natural setting a balance of positive and negative ions contributes to one's sensations and perceptions. Atmospheric ions can affect health, well-being, efficiency, emotions, and mental attitude of human beings."

Rahi confirms that placing salt lamps around your home can work wonders to reduce the amount of unhealthy positive ions in your home.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

People using salt lamps report improvement in their physical and mental well-being soon after starting to light them. They are said to help with:

  • Respiratory problems (including colds)
  • Allergies
  • Skin conditions
  • Mental and stress-related disorders (including insomnia)
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Rheumatism
  • Boosting blood flow

So instead of heading to your nearest department store for a conventional lamp, why not take a look around the web for a salt lamp?

Just don't expect massive health improvements if you tuck away a single lamp in the far corner of your house. You will achieve the best results if you place them somewhere where you and your family spend a lot of time or in a room that holds the majority of your electronic devices.

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