He Threw Hot Tea In Freezing Temperatures At Sunset. This Is The Breathtaking Result

December 22, 2015

Photographer Michael Davies said almost nothing was left to chance when creating this breathtaking photo, as so many things had to be perfectly timed.

hot tea ice picture sunset
Taken In Pangnirtung Nunavut, December 20, at 1:00pm, close to sunset. Credit: Michael Davies

The shot is of Davies' friend hurling a thermos of hot tea through the air in -40° weather.

Davies wrote:

"Around 1pm I jumped on my skidoo along with my friend Markus and we drove 45 minutes to the top of a nearby mountain where the light (which is almost always pink near the solstice) would hit the hills. Prepared with multiple thermoses filled with tea, we began tossing the water and shooting. Nothing of this shot was to chance, I followed the temperature, watched for calm wind, and planned the shot and set it up. Even the sun in the middle of the spray was something I was hoping for, even though it’s impossible to control."

hot tea ice picture
Credit: Michael Davies

(h/t) Colossal. You can see more of Davies photography on Flickr.

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