These Dogs Take Creativity And Brilliance To A Whole New Level!

November 13, 2015

You're about to witness some of the most brilliant and clever dogs on the planet. Enjoy...

1. This dog realized the water was too deep to get the ball without getting wet, so he improvised.

2. As did this dog.

dogs being smart

3. But if you have a buddy, use teamwork!

4. This dog calculated how to get this giant stick across a narrow bridge.

dogs being smart

5. This dog needed a way to get to the food on the tall kitchen table.

6. This dog found a way to climb this tall fence, ninja style.

smart dogs

7. This dog was low on cash and really wanted a new toy.

8. This dog wasn't getting into his crate without his blanky.

smart dogs

9. This genius dog throws a toy distraction to get the real prize.

smart dogs

10. But for every genius dog, there is equally one of these that we love just as much :)

smart dogs

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