Nap Desks Are Here And They're What We've All Been Waiting For

September 24, 2015

Unless you work at Google, you probably don't have "nap pods" at the office to take a mid-day power nap.

But now, Greek design company Studio NL has designed a desk that is built for maximum napping efficiency!

nap desks
Studio NL

The space-saving prototype is basically a bunk bed where the top is for your laptop and the bottom is a cozy place for naps.

"The main concept was to comment on the fact that many times our lives are 'shrinking' in order to fit into the confined space of our office," the designers said on Archilovers. "This desk could be used for a siesta or for a few hours of sleep at night on those days when someone struggles to meet deadlines."

This beauty of this desk/bed hybrid goes even further by offering optional walls for extra privacy!

nap desks
Studio NL

"It was an inspiration that came from exhausting working hours of my classmates that did not have an apartment close to the university," the designer Leivaditou, said in an interview with A'Design Award & Competition.

We'll be over here waiting patiently for news on when and where we can buy one. Just take all our money.

(h/t) hello giggles.

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