The Photo On The Left Is From 1902. The Photo On The Right Is From 2015. It's The Same Tortoise

September 8, 2015

At the ripe age of 183, Jonathan the tortoise is the world's oldest living land creature.

His estimated birth date reaches as far back as 1832!

oldest land creature in the world
REX Features

The above photo of Jonathan with a prisoner during the Boer War dates back to 1902, in which he is a full grown adult tortoise. That means he was at least 50 years old at the time the photo was taken.

jonathan tortoise
Sally Kettle

He currently resides on the British island of St. Helena - a tropical island of volcanic origin in the South Atlantic Ocean - but nobody knows why he ended up there.

He has been kept in the paddock at Plantation House, the British governor's residence.

oldest turtle in the world

"He is virtually blind from cataracts, has no sense of smell - but his hearing is good," guide Joe Hollis told Sally Kettle of the BBC.

But that doesn't stop him from enjoying life. He loves having his neck stroked while chomping down on his favorite foods - bananas, cabbage and carrots.

jonathan turtle
Guy Gatien

Since it's getting harder and harder for Jonathan to find food on his own, Hollis delivers a bucket of fresh fruit and vegetables every Sunday morning.

oldest tortoise
Sally Kettle

"In truth, he could die any day, but we obviously hope to extend his life as long as humanely possible," Jonathan's vet said. "When the day comes, it will be an international news story."

jonathan oldest tortoise
photo via

Long live Jonathan the Tortoise!

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