A Family Visiting Yellowstone Was Upset They Didn't See Bears. This Is The Note They Left Upon Checkout

August 26, 2015

When you visit a national park like Yellowstone, you probably hope to see bears (from a safe distance). But it's a park, not a zoo. Therefore, wildlife sightings are not guaranteed.

bears at Yellowstone
Grizzly at Yellowstone taken in May 2015 / credit

One family was really looking forward to seeing bears. Unfortunately, they never saw one.

This is the note they left at the front desk upon checkout:

funny note left at yellowstone park about bears

"Please train your bears"

Sure, it could be a joke, but after reading these I seriously have my doubts...

More questions and complaints, according to Yellowstone staff:

"When does the park let the animals out of their cages and/or their feeding times?"

"When do the deer turn into elk or moose?"

"Someone left the gate to the deer corral open, they are all over the campsite and my kids can't sleep."

"Why is there such a bad sulfur smell around here? Can't they do anything about it?" - No, we're standing on top of a volcano.

And this might be the best one of all:

The worst I heard about was from a Park Service naturalist at the Mammoth Visitor Center. A tourist comes in all excited and wants to report a pterodactyl sighting. The Park Service employee asks where it was, and was told the area, which was nearby.

"Actually that large bird you saw was probably a sandhill crane. They migrate through here this time of year, and in fact they stay in the area of your sighting."

The tourist was adamant, however, that there had been a pterodactyl. "Well, if you're sure, then you have to fill out a sighting report," and handed over the appropriate paperwork.

A dinosaur sighting? Wow!

"There is considerable overlap between the intelligence of the smartest bears and the stupidest tourists" ~ Yellowstone Park Ranger.

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