Man Moves To New Orleans, Builds 30 Community Gardens For The Needy And Saves The Bees

March 29, 2017

"If we all did our part, if we all did what we could for our community, to help one another, to help the environment as much as we could, could you imagine how peaceful – how wonderful life would be?"

These are the words of David Young, an urban farmer in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.

man builds free gardens rescues bees new orleans

Young, who came to New Orleans in 2010 from Indiana, founded a volunteer-run organization, Capstone Community Gardens, to support low income city residents, as well as honeybees that are in need of a safe, environmentally-friendly home.

The gardens, erected in more than 30 abandoned lots leftover from Hurricane Katrina, are all accessible to the community - for free!

man builds free gardens rescues bees new orleans

In addition to being an important food supply to the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, the gardens also play host to rescued honeybees.

Many homes in the area often become infested with bees and homeowners need a solution. Instead of calling an exterminator, they can now call Young.

Using a vacuum, the urban farmer sucks up the bees and transports them and their hives to his gardens. There, they can live happily and give back to their rescuer by pollinating his flowers and vegetables.

Young invites you to volunteer with him and support his work. Visit to learn more and get involved.

Watch the video here:

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