Powerball Winners Build Fire Station For Small Town, Continue To Give Back To Community

July 4, 2016

Mark Hill of Camden Point, Missouri, has a special place in his heart for firefighters. They rescued his father twice.

So when he won the Powerball lottery, he found the perfect way to contribute to his community: build a new fire station.

powerball winners build fire station for small town

And this is not the only donation the Hill family made with their winnings. They also donated to create a new ball field, gave the town more than $50,000 to buy land for a new sewage treatment plant that will eventually allow residents to give up individual septic tanks, and created a scholarship fund to the high school they attended.

Camden Point has fewer than 500 residents. Its downtown has a series of mostly empty brick buildings.

The Hills, in their early 50s, told reporters at a news conference that they have no plans of leaving Camden Point and plan to give a lot of the money away.

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