This Abused Puppy Sees With The Man Who Saved Him. Watch The Moment He Realizes It's HIM

July 13, 2016

A pit bull puppy named Mojo was more than thrilled when he saw the man who saved his life.

Mojo was rescued by Joey Wagner after discovering the puppy was being prepared to be used as a bait dog. Wagner brought Mojo to the animal shelter where he received several week of medical treatment.

The staff was unsure if Mojo would remember his rescuer, but the moment he sees his face... it's endless kisses!

"I haven't seen his tail wag this much!" the nurse says. "Oh my goodness, he definitely remembers you!"

Joey instantly fell in love with Mojo and adopted the sweet pup. Today Mojo is very healthy and even though his fur never fully returned, he is living a very happy life with the Wagners.

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