Giant Boxing Babies Might Be The Best Gender Reveal Party Yet

October 16, 2020

Gender reveal parties have become more and more over-the-top, but this one might take the cake.

Rose Safar, of Jacksonville, published footage of her gender reveal party to TikTok. Her cousin and nephew dressed up in giant, inflatable baby costumes, stepped into a boxing ring and duked it out.

Safar told Fox News: "The idea came from me and one of my cousins, Candice Kassab, brainstorming. We wanted the reveal to be something funny and entertaining. We saw the inflatable babies online and we thought it would be fun to have them in a boxing match to represent which sperm won the fight to get into the egg. The ring representing the egg and the babies representing the sperm. It has been a sad and gloomy year for most of us, so we thought the gender reveal was a great excuse to bring together our closest family and friends to have a few good laughs."

Watch the video below.


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