Dog Keeps Eating All Of The Fruits His Owners Try To Grow

July 8, 2020

This dog loves fresh fruit!

Max's owners have tried to grow various fruit in the backyard but their pup can't resist eating them before they can be picked.

"This is why I can't grow raspberries anymore. My dog Max will pick them all off."

Max's owners said he ate all their strawberries, too.

"He used to eat my strawberries too. Gave up on them. Thought the prickers on raspberries would stop him. Nope!" his owner wrote.

They even tried putting a fence around an apple tree but that didn't work either.

But don't worry, Max is allowed to eat all the fruit he desires.

"Eating healthy at times makes up for when he eats napkins, paper towels, wood and eye glasses."

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