Woman Rescues Snake Tangled Up In Duct Tape

September 3, 2019

"Today I found a poor little danger noodle (completely harmless garter snake) tangled up in duct tape. Since we were going to be spending the day together I decided to call the noodle Emily Spinach (I have no idea if the sneks a girl or not).

I spent the morning and afternoon very slowly brushing vegetable oil all over her scales to dissolve the glue and gently free each scale at a time. Unfortunately Ms. Spinach was really tangled up in the tape, fortunately she was about to molt and didn’t harm herself struggling before I found her.

After freeing her from the tape she got several warm baths to remove the oil and sticky tape residue. Afterwards she wrapped herself around a bottle filled with warm water to rest and was released when she was more active and ready to go about her day.

Please be very careful to dispose of tape properly, and don’t use any kind of glue traps. Snakes are a very important part of the ecosystem. Most snakes are very gentle and harmless, however please don’t handle a snake if you are unsure of what kind it is. If you see a snake that needs assistance that you can’t identify use a long stick to gently pick it up and place it into a box to take to a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

Remember snakes are just wiggly forest friends and nothing to be afraid of!"


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