His Son Loves Elsa. So, He Bought Dresses For Them Both

January 25, 2019

A father and son in Norway dressed up like Elsa from Frozen and danced to "Let It Go" around their living room.

"He's just the biggest fan of Elsa at the moment," Ørjan Burøe told CBS News. "I thought maybe I should try to see it through his eyes."

Burøe said is son is drawn to Elsa because she's a strong character, not because of her gender or appearance.

"Just like kids don't see color of skin," he said. "He just sees something that's great. For him, Elsa is a superhero."

Burøe added, "It's important to embarrass yourself and let it go."

Watch the video below.


mom is gone, no stress­čĺ× #Dad&Son

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