A Chinese Man Has Been Painting Van Gogh Reproductions His Whole Life, Then He Learns How They're Being Sold

June 13, 2018

Zhao Xiaoyong has been copying Vincent Van Gogh paintings his whole life. He's a Chinese copy artist who paints reproductions for clients in Europe.

"Once we got an order for 5,000 copies. We had to to 700 copies a month for that order," he said.

One day, his client asked him to go on a tour with him in Amsterdam to see the original paintings in the Van Gogh Museum. Xiaoyong has never seen an original painting in person.

When Xiaoyong learns how much his copies are being sold for, and that they are not being sold in an art gallery, he was heartbroken. But it was a defining moment in his life.

This is a wonderful documentary called "Made In China" about a hardworking, good-hearted man who turned his heartbreak into something beautiful, something he can call his own.

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