Engineers Made A Tsunami Survival Capsule. Here's What It Can Do If Disaster Strikes

February 7, 2018

tsunami survival pod

Designed by a team of aerospace engineers, this Survival Capsule is a spherical ball made to protect people from tsunami events, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.

"The sphere will withstand the initial impact of a natural disaster, as well as sharp object penetration, heat exposure, blunt object impact, and rapid deceleration," the Survival Capsule website states.

Here's a list of the Survival Capsule's features:

  • Safety Seating with Four-Point Harness Straps
  • Storage Space (sufficient for five day's supply per person)
  • Multiple Counter Sunk Hoisting Points
  • Water Storage (bladder or tank)
  • Basic Internal Light
  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Air Ventilation Vents
  • Capsule Storage Stand
  • Basic, High-Visibility Unit Color
  • Air Supply Tanks (one for each occupant)
  • Hard Restraint Support
  • Solid, Watertight Marine Door (opens from inside and outside)
  • Marine Standard Window

Watch the video below.

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