She Told Her They Were Going To An Art Show. Then She Points Up And Drops To One Knee

December 20, 2016

Jessica told Chelsea that they were going to a gala at the museum. She then took Chelsea to the sculpture court and told her it was a lie.

Her friends were in on it holding up a sign from the balcony that read "Chelsea Miller, Will You Marry Me?"

This woman's reaction to the proposal says it all.

older woman reaction to same sex marriage proposal

Jessica wrote on Instagram: "Baby I lied there's no gala. I brought you here because of our love for art. We enjoy traveling to museums, having artsy dates and even showcasing art about our babyud83dudc36 in our own home. If someone could describe our love it could only be done through a work of art. It is happy, fun, chaotic, inspiring and strong. I want to keep discovering art for the rest of my life by your side. Chelsea Miller, will you marry me?"

Watch the video here:

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