He Sings 'Cats In The Cradle' To His Dying Father. The Reason Why Is Just As Beautiful

October 12, 2016

Mike Rayburn wanted a CB radio for Christmas but his father said 'no way' and bought him his first guitar. It changed his life.

Now his father is dying, so Mike plays him the very first song he ever played in front of an audience, "Cat's In The Cradle" by Harry Chapin. Ironically, the song is about the relationship between father and son.

"Let me say something about grace. I was always the one to confront Dad about the fatal dysfunction in our family. I forgave him completely many years ago and in recent years we've gotten along, though there were still issues. Bedridden now for 15 months, 2 months ago our last issues came to a head. I came to his bedside, just him and me alone, I listened to him, I countered what he said with the truth, directly, firmly, I never accused or condemned him, never got angry, but I also looked him straight in the eye, never blinked, never backed down. To his credit he faced the truth, accepted it, and repented for it. It was very emotional. I held his hand and through tears we each prayed, forgave, and beyond forgiveness we experienced grace. I believe grace is the single most powerful force on earth, precisely because it does not come from earth, it comes from God. It's the only way this world will heal, I know that. I love my father and I will miss him... and I am finally, very thankful for him. Peace. I love you, Dad."

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