Woman Saves Geese From Busy B.C. Road

July 8, 2024

Canada Day is often filled with celebrations and fireworks, but this year, Courtney Muller became a hero in a different kind of way.

woman helps geese cross road
Credit: @mullercourtney on TT

While driving through a busy street in British Columbia, she noticed a group of geese attempting to cross the road, their safety jeopardized by the heavy traffic.

Without hesitation, Courtney got out of her vehicle and took action. She guided the geese across the road, ensuring that each one made it to the other side unharmed.

Many viewers have commented on Courtney's bravery, considering the aggressive reputation Canada geese have towards humans.

One person commented, "Miss ma'am just casually corralling the most terrifying Canadian wildlife… The nation thanks you for your service."

@mullercourtney working late getting canada geese to cross the road on canada day #fyp #goose ♬ espresso sabrina - celebs media

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