Quick-Thinking Friends Save Choking Raccoon By Campfire

June 21, 2024

A Michigan man is being celebrated after he and his two friends saved a choking raccoon in their yard. John Ptaszenski, Bill Boski, and Tyler Whalen were hanging out by a campfire in the backyard when the raccoon wandered up, likely looking for food.

"It delved into our trash, and it looked like he had a piece of cheese with him, he was eating it, started choking, he did this weird thing, he reared up on his hind legs, it was really strange. I was like, 'Billy you might want to check this out.' Next thing I know Billy is over there patting him on the back," Whalen recounted.

Ptaszenski can be heard in the video encouraging Bill too. "A little bit lower Bill. Upward motion," he says in the video.

All of a sudden, the cheese comes shooting out of the raccoon's mouth and the critter is able to walk away.

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