Meet The Golden Retriever Who Shares An Adorable Bond With His Toys

May 21, 2024

Find someone who looks at you like this good boy looks at his toys.

If you're searching for some pure, unfiltered joy today, look no further than Teddy, the golden retriever with an irresistible affection for his toys. Teddy doesn't just play with his toys—he cherishes them, holding them over his head and gazing at them with adoration.

The internet has fallen in love with Teddy, and it's easy to see why. Videos of this good boy are making waves, showcasing his unique habit of lifting his toys high and staring at them with a mix of curiosity and delight.

@aguyandagolden The best relationship on the internet… #dog #goldenretriever ♬ I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

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