Woman's Proposal Story Has Everyone Crying

May 13, 2024

In a poignant episode of the "Newlyweds" podcast, one woman's touching tale of love and resilience has left listeners reaching for tissues. Sharing her heartfelt journey, she revealed the challenges of caring for her father, who battled Parkinson's disease, while navigating the demands of daily life.

The weight of her father's diagnosis cast a shadow over her days, as she bravely balanced the responsibilities of work with the tender care her father required. The years were undeniably tough, but through it all, she remained steadfast in her love and devotion to her family.

Tragically, her father's battle with Parkinson's came to an end last November, leaving a void in her heart that seemed insurmountable. Yet, amidst the grief and sorrow, a glimmer of light emerged on the morning of her birthday — a day that would forever be etched in her memory.

@newlyweds This sad proposal story *will* make you cry & gets a ‘BIG THUMBS UP’ from us 👍🏼😭 OUT TOMORROW! 🥺 #newlywedspodcast #jamieandsophie ♬ original sound - NewlyWeds Podcast

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