Every Day Is A Holiday: Grandma Can't Stop Laughing At Her Own Decorations

May 1, 2024

There's a surprise around every corner at Maurmi's house!

In the beginning of this laugh-out-loud video, her daughter queries her about the current date.

"April the 21st," she responds in confusion.

That's the cue for her daughter to shift the camera's focus towards the door, revealing a lingering Christmas decoration.

Grandma Maurmi bursts out laughing, but there's more...

@colleenandmaurmi Yes, she’s celebrating Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter with a random vacuum cleaner and some toothbrushes….That’s how we like it #maurmi #stl #colleenandmaurmi #wetmypants #tinkle #funnygranny #momlife #whateverworks #bestgrandma @maurmi10 ♬ original sound - Colleen and Maurmi

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