Puppy Love: The Unlikely Bond Between A Chihuahua And The Mailman

March 6, 2024

A charming tale has unfolded between an unlikely duo – a Chihuahua and the local mailman. They're supposed to be enemies, right?

Since she was a tiny pup, Frannie has found a special place in her heart for postman Dan Larsen, and the feeling seems to be entirely mutual.

From her early days as a puppy, this affectionate Chihuahua has made it a daily ritual to eagerly await the arrival of the mailman. Like a scene from a feel-good movie, she would excitedly run to him, welcoming his daily visit with unbridled joy. What started as a routine interaction quickly blossomed into a heartwarming connection that has spanned over two and a half years.

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How it Began

It started in 2021, when owner Lisa Laskey went out to get the mail and decided to introduce the two of them.

"The mailman had just pulled up. I didn't really know the guy. I said, ‘Hey, you want to meet the newest member of my family?’ And I was holding her really close because she was tiny. And he said, ‘Yeah, sure, why not?’ And he turned his truck off. He got out of the mail truck, handed her to him, and she went bonkers kissing his face like just over and over and over, like she knew him for years and years. And she was, you know, barely 12 weeks old. And I thought, this is super unusual," Lisa said.

She couldn't believe Frannie's reaction, so she posted a video on TikTok because it made her so happy. Apparently, it made a lot of other people happy as well.

@lisaandfrannie How it began #FranDan #lovestory #postmanDan #frannielife #puppylove #bestlovestory #frannienation #frandanfurever ♬ Pure Imagination (From "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory") - The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

As the tale of this unlikely friendship continues to capture hearts, it prompts us to celebrate the connections that bring joy into our lives.

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