This Video Of A Blind Cat Getting Down From A Cat Tree Is Both Hilarious And Impressive

December 14, 2023

This delightful footage showcases a blind cat named Miss Momo embarking on a seemingly daunting mission – getting down from a cat tree.

The result? A display of feline finesse that's as impressive as it is laugh-out-loud funny.

The cat's owner shared the video on Reddit, revealing that when she initially welcomed the feline into her home, there was a sense of nervousness. However, over time, the cat has blossomed into a remarkably confident and self-assured companion.

"Now she jumps off of chairs with confidence. She chases her siblings around and mostly doesn't run into things. I've even seen her jump up from the floor to the green chair's armrest she walks on in the video. It's still hard to hold myself back, but she's shown me she's got it handled."

Finally got a video of our blind bebe getting herself down from the cat tree. It’s both impressive and hilarious.
byu/rogueShadow13 incats

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