Extremely Rare Male Soprano Sings Opera

November 8, 2023

In the world of opera, the term "soprano" typically conjures images of powerful female voices soaring through the highest registers, delivering breathtaking performances that leave audiences in awe.

However, there exists a rare and remarkable exception in the world of music – a male soprano by the name of Samuel Mariño.

@operamoments Samuel Mariño singing "Da tempeste" from Giulio Cesare #opera #operasinger #classicalmusic #music #goosebumps #awsome ♬ sonido original - operamoments

Mariño is one of only a few male sopranos in opera. He said his voice never fully broke during puberty, and a doctor encouraged him to embrace his voice instead of loathe it.

"I was bullied a lot in school for my voice. My larynx didn't drop fully, I don't have an Adam's apple, like a woman. I hated my voice, so I asked my parents to take me to specialists in Caracas. The first doctor recommended surgery. The second doctor advised speech therapy. The third doctor was a fan of baroque music. He asked if I had tried singing."

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