News Anchor Has To Process Whether This Police Sketch Is A Joke Or Not On Live TV

August 21, 2023

This is one of the funniest news videos on the internet.

Pennsylvania police were able to identify a suspect involved in a robbery based on an amateur sketch drawn by a witness.

Reporter Ethan Forhetz on KY3 News was covering the story and when the sketch appeared on the screen, he had to process on live TV whether it was a prank or not.

After looking back at the camera and then staring at the screen for a few seconds, he decides to keep it professional and continue covering the story.

Just when you think the video can't get any funnier, it turns out the cartoonish sketch actually does resemble the suspect.

"While the sketch provided by the witness may have appeared amateurish and cartoonish, it, along with the distinctive physical descriptors, jogged the memory of at least one investigator to provide a potential suspect name," a Lancaster Police Department statement said.

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