Dog Hops Fence To Get In Neighbor's Pool, Refuses To Get Out

August 18, 2023

This golden retriever named Zepp loves to swim and nothing is going to stop him.

His owner caught him on video hopping over the fence (more like rolling over the fence) and then proceeding to swim in her neighbor's pool.

The biggest problem was getting him out.

@errieting escaping into the neighbors pool #dog #goldenretriever #fyp #michaelphelps ♬ original sound - errieting

The two neighbors have since laughed about Zepp's frequent swimming adventures.

"They are so kind and don't mind!" Zepp's owner said. "They have two yellow labs."

She even asked her neighbor if she could film a video from her perspective since Zepp's new "fans" were asking for one.

She delivered.

@errieting THE NEIGHBOR’S POV… you asked, we listened. #fyp #comedy #funny #goldenretriever #puppy #dogsoftiktok #dog #funnyanimals #funnydog ♬ original sound - errieting

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