Milkshake The Duck Refuses To Swim Without Dumplin The Cow

June 30, 2023

This needs to become a children's book.

Meet Milkshake the duck and Dumplin the miniature cow, two best friends living the farm life together.

@brehillboyette Milkshake the duck refuses to swim without Dumplin 🐮🦆 #fypシ #farmlife #bestfriend #2peasinapod #cowduck #fluffycow #minicow ♬ original sound - Bre Boyette

Dumplin is 6 months old and Milkshake is 3 months old.

But Milkshake never swam with the other ducks. She always hung out by Dumplin and only got in the water if she got in.

Learn more about how the two became best pals in the video below.

@brehillboyette Replying to @toriwalthers The story od Milkshake & Dumplin’ 🦆❤️🐮 #fypシ #farmlife #bestfriend #minicow #2peasinapod #fluffycow #ducksoftiktok ♬ original sound - Bre Boyette

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