Iam Tongi And James Blunt Perform Super Emotional Duet Of 'Monsters' On American Idol

May 22, 2023

Iam Tongi and James Blunt brought everyone to tears with their emotional performance of "Monsters" during the American Idol finale.

Blunt wrote the song as a tribute to his father. Tongi, 18, resonated with the song as he too lost his father.

"This performance will always be remembered for its authenticity, humanity and beauty. When James changed the lyrics as he touched Iam's arm-my goodness. You both make the world a better place," one commenter said.

"James Blunt found someone who experienced the lyrics itself. Iam Tongi expressed the song word by word, line by line and verse by verse. Thanks to both amazing artists (James and Iam)," another wrote.

"Imagine losing your father who inspired you to sing, singing this song at an audition and now you are singing it on national TV with James Blunt… Hes about to win it all and in the back of his mind he probably just wishes pops could see it," another wrote.

Watch the performance below.

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