This Video Of A Mother Sharing 'The Light' With Her Child Is So Powerful

May 15, 2023

A simple yet powerful video about motherhood is touching the hearts of millions of people.

In the video, a Mom passes a lit lighter to her child. The kids continue to blow it out... until later in life.

The video shows what unconditional, selfless maternal love looks like. The symbolism of the "sharing of light" is guidance, patience, love etc. The child receives this "light" differently as they grow throughout life into adulthood and eventually has to reinforce that nurturing back to the parent.



♬ original sound - Sumebe Harmon

One woman shared the video to Instagram and posted a touching message about her own experience with the "light".

"My mom used to play this song (I Hope You Dance) for me. Literally monthly. I hated it. After losing my dad, it reminded me of the fact that she would not always be by my side. It made me feel like she was preparing me to live without her. Like she knew something I didn’t. I'd always say "it's so negative". It wasn't until I had a child and was actually face to face with a life potentially without my mom as she was going through chemo, that I stopped trying to use logic to understand the song.

One day I listened to it and I felt it. That same feeling I felt when I dropped Baleigh off to her first day of Soulshine at 15 months. It's not that I thought I wouldn't be there for her one day soon. It's the prayers and the hopes of mother wanting her child to be ok and thrive despite whatever storm was happening outside. As a mother, I know I can't control the external but I can prepare her with confidence, unconditional love, strength, emotional maturity, compassion, and discernment. I love my mommy for preparing me (hear emoji)."

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