Banned Episode Of 'Sesame Street' Featuring Margaret Hamilton Resurfaces After Being Deemed 'Too Scary' For Kids

June 20, 2022

An episode of Sesame Street that only aired once after it was deemed "too scary" for children has resurfaced on the internet.

The episode, which aired in 1976, featured actress Margaret Hamilton reprising her role as the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.

In the sketch, Hamilton visits Sesame Street and demands that her missing broom be returned — even threatening to turn Big Bird into a feather duster!

It was meant to help children face their fears but wound up terrifying most of the kids who watched it.

"This episode scared me beyond belief when I was 5," said a YouTuber who commented on the video. "I would anxiously watch the start of each episode after seeing this one, to make sure it wasn't the "witch one" again. Of course I never saw it again, and at some point convinced myself it was a nightmare. After doing an internet search for it a few years ago, I saw the articles about it and felt vindicated that I wasn't crazy. Thanks for uploading this! I hope it is allowed to stay!"

Watch the sketch below.

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