Paralyzed Woman Walks Again. She Dreamt Of Walking On The Beach In A Red Dress

June 16, 2022

Courtney Runyon was filling her 30s with adventure when she noticed her body slowly shutting down, and within months she was paralyzed from the neck down.

"On December 20th of 2017, the team of doctors walked into my room as they had every day for 14 days in a row. I was paralyzed from the neck down, struggling to breathe and swallow, and I had also lost my voice. My face, lungs, and colon were growing weaker & weaker by the day, and would soon be paralyzed as well."

She dreamt of walking on the beach in a red dress one day.

Well, she learned to walk again. She recently hiked 500 miles in 35 days across Spain.

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