A Homeless Man In A Music Store Leaves 'Overwhelmed' By A Stranger's Kindness

December 9, 2014

A homeless man was brought close to tears after a stranger bought him a brand new guitar.

stranger buys homeless man a guitar

The random act of kindness happened at a local music store in central Auckland, New Zealand.

"It made my week," MusicWorks guitar specialist Alex Ferrier told Stuff.

Ferrier said the man came into the store looking at the guitars and mumbling under his breath before picking one up and playing.

"He wasn't too bad, he had a good voice," Ferrier said.

The man asked how much the guitar was, and was told it would cost $159.

"He said he was probably going to have to go and beg so he could buy it. That's when this guy in a suit stepped in and said look I'll pay for it."

Ferrier said the man was in the shop to get his daughter's saxophone repaired.

The homeless man appeared overwhelmed by the man's generosity and kindness.

"He was pretty close to tears I think. He was very quiet while the transaction went through, then he kept saying thank you over and over again."

Source: Stuff

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