Disabled Dog Leaps Fence To Save Owner's Life

November 14, 2014

Ten year-old Chance suffers from hip dysplasia, but his love and loyalty to his human is so strong that he was able to jump over a fence to save his life.

dog saves owners life

Billy Collins, a Vietnam veteran, slipped and fell while home alone with only his boxer-pitbull mix.

"I saw the floor coming, but that's the last thing I remember," Collins said.

Chance was able to open the screen door and then leap over the fence to seek help at a neighbor's house.

dog saves owners life


"I've never seen him jump that fence," Collins said.

The neighbors found Chance at their front door, covered in blood.

"He had it all over his legs and back and on his nose," Lonna Cross explained.

dog saves owners life

Chance escorted Dusty Lowe back to his house.

"I knocked on the door, then I looked down and saw Bill lying on the floor," he said.

dog saves owners life

"I don't know how long I would have laid there," Collins said. "I could have laid there and bled out."

Collins has recovered now, and knows that it's all because of his loyal companion.

"He's my buddy. We get along. He follows me through the house," Collins said.  "When we go outside, he has to be by me."

(H/T) Life With Dogs. News Source: WATE 6 News

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