He Spends Sundays Cutting Hair For The Homeless, Because 'Every Human Life Is Worth The Same'

September 8, 2014

Hair stylist Mark Bustos works in an high-end salon in New York City during the week, but on Sundays gives back to the city by walking the streets in search of anyone who would appreciate a haircut.

Bustos approaches each person with the same introduction – "I want to do something nice for you today" – and if they're interested sits down to give them a trim or a new style, cutting up to six people's hair every Sunday and documenting them on his Instagram account.

Mark has been giving free haircuts after a trip to the Philippines in 2012. While abroad, he paid an owner of a barbershop to rent a chair and provide services to impoverished children in need of a fresh look.

"The feeling was so rewarding, I decided to bring the positive energy back to NYC," Bustos, 30, told The Huffington Post in an email, noting he's also given haircuts to the needy in Jamaica, Costa Rica and Los Angeles.

"Every human life is worth the same, we all deserve a second chance." ~ Mark Bustos

(H/T) Huffington Post

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