6 Year-Old Almost Gets Away With It, Until He Signed The Receipt

August 9, 2014

A little boy made quite the impression when he left a memorable signature on a credit card receipt.

kid signs receipt dad

Jewel Cowart, a cashier at Domino's Pizza in Temple, Texas, told Today.com that the boy - who looked to be about six - strolled in last week accompanied by his father and asked to pick up an order for Thomas Jefferson.

And when it came time to pay, he confidently swiped his father's credit card and signed the receipt with his father's name; "Dad".

"He then took his pizzas, and said, 'Have a nice day ma'am,' and walked out."

"At first, I had this overwhelming feeling of adoration and I wanted to squeeze this child into a hug, and then I came to realize the child didn't even realize how cute it was," she said. "He simply thought he was signing for his father."

Via Today, Reddit

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