The Student Who Stopped The Seattle Campus Shooter Is Getting Married... And The Internet Just Found Out

June 7, 2014

When a gunman opened fire at Seattle Pacific University on Thursday, a 22-year-old engineering student named Jon Meis leapt into action, tackling the shooter and putting him into a chokehold.

seattle student getting married
Jon Meis is taken from the scene by medics / AP Photo/, Joshua Trujillo

Meis was hailed as a hero — and then the Internet found out he was getting married.

Visitors flocked to the wedding registries that Meis and his fiancee had set up at Target and Crate & Barrel, buying gifts for the couple as a show of gratitude.

seattle student getting married

And then something really special happened.

ESPN Seattle producer Jessamyn MacIntyre wanted to buy something on the registry but couldn't — all the items had been purchased.

So she launched a crowdfunding campaign for the couple and was quickly amazed by the results.

seattle student getting married

Via TheBlaze

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