The Seattle Seahawks Signed A Player Just To Immediately Cut Him. The Reason Why Is Amazing

May 25, 2014

A recent move by the Seahawks was a little peculiar because it involved them cutting a draft pick just a few weeks after the draft, but ultimately it'll be a line in the transactions page most people will read and instantly forget.

The Seattle Seahawks cut offensive tackle Garrett Scott immediately after signing him due to a non-football related illness.

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During a physical with the team, Scott was found to have a rare heart condition that will keep him from playing professional football.

"After undergoing an extensive physical with our medical staff last week, Garrett's examination revealed a rare heart condition that will prevent him from any on-field participation in the near future," Seahawks general manager John Schneider said in a statement. "We think highly of Garrett as a person and as a football player. The team is committed to supporting Garrett in the months to come and will continue to help him determine his next steps."

Scott went from the life highlight of being drafted into the NFL to the low of having it taken away in less than a month.

But there's a silver lining.

The Seahawks found out about Scott's condition before signing him but the team signed him to his contract anyway, then waived him. Why would they do that?

Scott will receive his signing bonus AND his first-year salary totaling about $555,000.

That's a class act!

Source: Yahoo! News

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