Police Officer Who Saves Cats And Dogs Is Winning The Hearts Of Animal Lovers Across The Country

March 29, 2014

Baltimore Police Officer Jon Boyer has always had a soft spot for animals in need. After taking this photo at a local shelter, animal lovers across the country have a soft spot for him.

 Baltimore cop saves kitten

Boyer often rescues stray cats and dogs and brings them to the shelter. The 26-year-old cop considers the rescues as just a part of the job, but when he agreed to pose for a photo with a kitten he brought in last May, he became an internet sensation.

Baltimore cop saves cat

His fellow officers now call him the "cat man" in good fun.

"I used to hang posters in my room of cats, because I loved them," he said. "My parents always wondered why I didn't like dogs. I love dogs, but cats are kinda my thing."

Boyer says he is happy knowing that this media attention will help more stray animals find loving homes.

Source: today.com

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