'It Was Nice To See Them Smile': 10-Year-Old Spreads Joy On Mother's Day

May 13, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Kansas City, Missouri.

In a heartwarming display of kindness and compassion, 10-year-old Catalina Campos, founder of the nonprofit Circul KC, embarked on a mission this Mother's Day to ensure every mother felt cherished and appreciated.

good news mothers day
Catalina and mom Jackie / Credit: KSHB 41

Circul KC, a nonprofit initiated by Campos herself, is dedicated to serving senior citizens and other local nonprofits in need by providing essential supplies and support. Their ethos revolves around empowering youth to serve their community, do what's right, and foster love for both God and country.

On Mother's Day, Campos and her team set out with one goal: to make mothers feel special and loved. Armed with vibrant bouquets, they visited senior living facilities and ventured into Kansas City's Loose Park, where they delighted mothers of all ages with unexpected gestures of kindness.

good news mothers day
Credit: Circul KC

Reflecting on her mission, Campos expressed her joy at seeing the smiles on mothers' faces, knowing that their simple act of giving could brighten someone's day.

"It was nice to see them smile because sometimes moms don't have... the kids don't come and give them stuff," Campos told KSHB 41 News.

good news mothers day

As the flowers found their way into the hands of mothers throughout Kansas City, they carried with them not just petals and stems, but a message of love, appreciation, and the power of small acts of kindness to make a big difference in someone's life.

Watch the video below.

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