Newfoundland Hero: Dog Saves Drowning Golden Retriever

April 30, 2024

Today's good news story comes from the the Isle of Man.

A Newfoundland dog has emerged as a hero after playing a crucial role in the rescue of a struggling Golden Retriever from the waters of Douglas inner Harbor.

newfoundland rescues golden retreiver
Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team

The Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team shared the remarkable story, detailing how a member of the public stumbled upon a distressed Newfoundland dog at the Tongue in Douglas inner Harbor. Sensing urgency in the Newfoundland's behavior, the individual soon realized the cause of the dog's distress—a white Retriever struggling in the water.

The quick-thinking bystander immediately alerted the Coastguard and sprang into action.

"The member of the public quickly raised the alarm for the Coastguard to be called, he then went down onto a boat in the Harbour and was able to grab hold of the dog as he was going down the Harbour in the flow of the river, at this point the dog was starting to go under so was lucky to be saved," Douglas Coastguard shared.

dog rescues
Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team

The Coastguard, upon arrival, seamlessly continued the rescue operation, ensuring the safety of both the rescued dog and the courageous bystander.

Following the successful rescue, both dogs were reunited at the Coastguard station while awaiting the arrival of the authorities to locate their owner.

good news dog rescues
Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team

"We would like to thank the member of the public for his swift action which undoubtedly saved the life of one very lucky dog," the Coastguard said.

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