Restaurant Owner Drops Everything, Drives Nearly 6 Hours To Fulfill Dying Woman's Last Wish

March 30, 2024

In a heartwarming tale of compassion and kindness, Kevin Cherry, the owner of Outer Banks restaurant Mama Kwans, went above and beyond to fulfill the final wish of a dying woman, Heather Bowers, who resided six hours away in West Virginia.

restaurant owner drives 6 hours to bring dying woman food
Credit: Mary Elton Simmons

Heather Bowers, battling cancer and confined to her deathbed, expressed her last desire: a pork plate from her favorite vacation spot, Mama Kwans in Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Determined to grant her friend's wish, Mary Simmons reached out to the restaurant, hoping for a miracle.

What followed was nothing short of extraordinary.

"I knew it was a long shot, and she calls me by about 5 and she said Kevin already has it packed up," Simmons said. "He's in the car and he's on his way there. I said, 'What?' And she said he's on his way to the house."

Cherry drove nearly six hours to deliver what ended up being Bowers' last meal. She passed away the next day.

Simmons turned to Facebook to convey her heartfelt appreciation and deep admiration for Cherry's compassionate gesture. She wrote:

"Kevin at Mama Kwans is one of the most genuine people in the world. He still has never met me in person and traveled over five hours to bring my best friend’s favorite meal to her, after one simple phone call. He literally delivered it to her house the same day I called to see if they could possibly ship food. This ended up being her last night on Earth as she passed away from cancer the next evening - less than 24 hours after he was able to meet her, her husband, and her two young children. Simply put- he made one of her last wishes come true. She wanted a meal from her family’s favorite vacation restaurant. This is something he didn’t want recognition for- however - kindness at this level deserves it! I speak for the whole Bowers’ family when I say thank you and God Bless your amazing heart!"

Cherry admitted that it was hard on him emotionally.

"About halfway up, I had to turn the radio off and had to talk to myself, saying, 'You can't walk in here like this'," Cherry said. "You've got to walk in with a little bit of sunshine from the Outer Banks."

Watch the local news video below.

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